Brockport Symphony Orchestra®

SINCE 2010

Brockport Musical Heritage

Instrumental music has always been important in the Brockport community!

In an article published in 1923 in The Stylus, an orchestra member writes:

"To these future orchestra members, we wish as pleasant a year as the last one has been for us. Don't give it up. Have as good a time as we did, because for us it was work and play together."


Brockport Girls Orchestra 1923

Articles and Photo from 1924 - 1926 highlighting the rapidly expanding Brockport orchestra published in The Stylus

Noted music professor and orchestra director Pauline M. Haynes

The Brockport Orchestra in 1939 and 1950

Legendary Brockport music professor Ira Paul Schwarz conducting in the Tower Fine Arts Center
Brockport Symphony program from 1967 when Ascher Temkin was music director